29/06/2012 Greece does not exist.

Summertime  in Greece is a strange situation.

I see Greeks to fill the beaches and in the evenings to watch football in the squares.

But I see the tragedy in all its glory.

Yesterday, a bank employee requested permission for half-hour from the bank that worked.

Went to  Acropolis and committed suicide.

Yesterday, an unemployed sailor, who was about to get married the next days, hanged himself.

Today, a court bailiff delivered an eviction to a renter .

The renter fell from the third floor and suicide.

Social cohesion is dissolved in Greece.

(Suffice to say that  ”growth rate”  for the quarter July – August will be  -9,7% )

The Greeks pretending that they live and once realize the deadlock, then kill themselves.

What is happening today in Greece can only be compared to what happens in Palestine:


Only the Palestinian people continue to fight for their rights, freedom and lives.

Here in Greece, people have resigned from it all.

Please spread that Greece no longer exists.

Responsible for this is  the Greeks and their tolerance and the fact that they continue to tolerate everything.


Οne more suicide in Greece

Nikos Polevos , 38 years old, was elected Ph.D. of Geology and Lecturer at the University of Athens.

The last ten years he was waiting to take the position of Lecturer.

He and other 800 scientists while elected and took place at the University, they never appointed because of lack of money.

The rejection and humiliation eventually led Nick Polevos to put an end to his life 3 days ago , on 23/04/2012.

Long list of victims in Greece and grows daily.

What do you know about the Greeks candidates MPs?

John Drimalas is a candidate MP with the New Democracy party (right wing), in the Prefecture of Achaia (Patras).

Here Drimalas with the Head of ND Samaras.

On his page on facebook he posted on the “wall”  the party’s slogan: “Together we will succeed.”

A citizen made a comment :

“Again today we had three suicides John. Samaras is right. We will succeed. Do not leftnone alive. ”

Then the candidate MP responded to the citizen:

“Good evening!!!Because I do not know you and you do not know me … in order not to be overlooked i would prefer not to comment again on my ”wall”… In my balls (@@) if  he died – suicide – were killed…like you in your balls(@@) whether killed thousands in Tunisia last month!!!You can do whatever you  fancy in the elections but do not bother me … Thanks for your time! ”

Then the candidate MP changed his name and pictures in facebook.

But the citizen had managed to save the conversation.

Such people ask the vote of the Greeks.

In this case i’m lucky i live very close to drimalas and will have the opportunity to … be overlooked with him.

I will vote on the streets and  NO  at the ballot box.


What do you know about Greeks? 2

After the suicide of a retired pharmacist in Syntagma Square, another suicide for political reasons shocked Greece.

On Saturday 21/04/2012 Metikidis Savas, 45 years old, a teacher hung himself.

Savvas in a student protest in Athens

The note he wrote before committing suicide says responsible for his suicide is the political and economic situation that exists in Greece.

The suicides in Greece reached the 7 per 100,000 people.

The telephone line ”Intervention for the Suicide 1018”  in 2012 receives  four  times  more  calls than those accepted in 2010.

One in four who call the phone line states that facing financial problems.

The calls to the telephone line for 2010 was 2.500.  In  2011  was  7.000  while the first quarter of 2012 was over 4.000 .

By the way…

…today announced that 01/01/2013 will increase 25% the prices of tickets on public transport, in electricity bills and water.


PM of Greece:Crazy Clown Time…

Yesterday, a retired chemist shot himself in front of the Greek Parliament. In the text , written by him , before shotting himself  , he made well known to all of us  that he prefers to end his life rather than looking at the garbage bins for food.

Great turmoil caused by the suicide of our fellow man.

Greek Prime Minister for almost 5 months, is a gentleman named Lucas Papademos. He was governor of the Bank of Greece in the late ’90s and early next century (the period when Greece accused that entered the euro area with misleading information – he was the one that cooked the items as central bank governor). Then became vice president of the ECB By 2010. For over 20 years and was familiar and the controler of  the economic situation in Greece and the EU.  From November 2011 became Prime Minister.  He was preffered by NO ONE , he was voted by NO Greeks , he  did NOT propose any program to be judged by the Greek people. In the name of consensus and application of the second memorandum , he moved into the prime minister’s office.

This  ”Mr.”  does not believe the restructuring of debt of Greece – as a good banker – butnonetheless became prime minister to implement the cut debt.

Having performed his duty and tied up Greece , continued the work of GeorgePapandreou , cutting salaries and pensions , putting taxes , abolishing labor rights and killing Greeks.

Once , this gentleman , he learned that one more Greek killed himself , he made  this statement:

   “It’s tragic a fellow human being to put an end to his life. In these difficult times for our society we must all-state and citizens – to support the people next to us in distress “

It is unbelievable that , a “man” ,  “prime minister”  of a country reacts in such a way , when he has lost one more fellow human being.

Let’s get down to one by one on the phrases of the text:

1) “It’s a tragedy our fellow man to give end to his life”

A general observation.

He gives us the impression that something happened – so general and vague – without even he has been touched by the fact. Distances himself completely from the event and do not recognize any responsibility for the financial and personal deadlock in the government of the country and to himself.  The tragedy of the situation is a rhetorical matter of act  that is designed to emphasize that all these happen every day and everywhere.  He starts to say that whatever happened , happened , and not to deal with such things because there are worse.

2) “… In these difficult times for our society …”

He continues its equivocation.

These hard times have not been random. It is the result of incorrect decisions and policies.

Tough times… so … .  Times are not getting tough on their own willing. Times getting tough by situations. Who created these situations?

He says NO word about the political and legal responsibilities of  his own government and its predecessors.

Came hard times then …

Accidentally found ourselves in this situation …

To whom however came hard times?

For society, he says.

Who is society?

Society is the poor , the worker , the pensioner , the banker , the manufacturers , the fraudsters , the rich.

I do not see tough times came for the whole society …

3) “… We all-state and citizens – …”

You suggest that we should all …

Who all?

Even those who, deliberately brought us to this situation?

Even you yourself and your government?


State and citizens:  An unreliable state (see the amendments passed these days)  that all he has done until today is to condemn a people to unreliability , cronyism , individualism , poverty , death.  Citizens who have been separated into those that are damaged by the crisis and those who are not touched by the crisis (as shown in the polls).

4) “… To support the people next to us in distress.”

So you  propose to support  the people next to us.


When every one of us has to face enormous burdens , that you and your predecessors continuously loading  us, how to find the courage and strength to stand by his neighbor?


What you mean is that : We will support each other and you will be attacking us?

I saw nothing, nor heard, from you , to commiserate the victim’s family.
 I saw nowhere you to be  touched by the human side of drama.
You did not understand what happened.
So my answer to you is that I DO NOT RECOGNIZE YOU (nor as man, nor as an axiom).
You managed  and the similar to you , today Greece , resembles the video clip ”Crazy Clown Time”  of  David Lynch , meaning  as a “visual rape of the senses” artistically structured.