Greece is to blame for the Spanish crisis???


I read that in Spain they believe that Greece is responsible for all the suffering.

You haven’t understood anything!

-Spain hasn’t changed the government and placed Rachoi as prime minister, to solve the “problems” of the country?

-Spain has not been in surplus before the crisis ?

-Spain wasn’t that had less debt than Germany ?

-Spain hasn’t global economic presence (Zara, Seat etc) ?

Have you forgotten your gambling banks.

-These don’t lent huge sums without any real guarantees ?

-These didn’t nourished the housing bubble ?

-The banks didn’t pass their losses on the Spanish government ?

And what  the EU  did ?

Lent to banks with 1% interest rate.

Banks lend the Spanish state with 6.5%.

The money borrowed by the Spanish State is given to its banks in order to make the recapitalization.

And to be able to borrow Spain in favor of banks that’s why they imposed harsh austerity to the people.

You are asked to adopt the famous “minijobs”. Are Germany’s ”Minijobs” a poverty trap? 

For the evils of Spain are responsible Germany, EU and banks !

Some Greeks blame immigrants for the crisis in Greece.

Some Spanish blame the Greeks for the crisis in Spain.

Some Germans and French blame for the crisis the Greeks and the Spanish.

( Can you see now how easily we find – create enemies ? )

They say that the programs have failed because of social upheavals.

Nobody has not understood that the austerity programs have brought social unrest ?

>>>>Only if we understand the real enemy will be able to breathe.<<<<

I call on you to a coordinated uprising against the banks.

Not to be paid and damages and profits of banksters.

Do not work for the welfare of the rich.

First you need to occupy your mind.

And then occupy the banks. 




Η Ελλάδα φταίει για την Ισπανική κρίση ;;;


Διαβάζω ότι στην Ισπανία πιστεύουν πως για όλα τα δεινά τους φταίει η Ελλάδα.

Δεν έχετε καταλάβει τίποτα!

-Η Ισπανία δεν άλλαξε κυβέρνηση και τοποθέτησε τον Ραχόι ως πρωθυπουργό , για να λύσει τα ”προβλήματα” της χώρας ;

-Η Ισπανία δεν είχε πλεονασματικό προυπολογισμό πριν ξεσπάσει η κρίση ;

-Η Ισπανία δεν είχε μικρότερο χρέος από την Γερμανία ;

-Η Ισπανία δεν έχει παγκόσμια οικονομική παρουσία (Zara , Seat κ.τ.λ) ;

Ξεχάσατε τον τζόγο των τραπεζών σας.

-Αυτές δεν δάνεισαν τεράστια ποσά χωρίς πραγματικές εγγυήσεις ;

-Αυτές δεν εξέθρεψαν την φούσκα των ακινήτων ;

-Οι τράπεζες δεν μετέφεραν τις ζημιές τους στο Ισπανικό δημόσιο ;

Και η Ε.Ε. τι έκανε ;

Δάνεισε στις τράπεζες με 1% επιτόκιο.

Οι τράπεζες δανείζουν το Ισπανικό κράτος με 6,5%.

Τα χρήματα που δανείζεται το Ισπανικό κράτος τα δίνει στις τράπεζες προκειμένου να γίνει η ανακεφαλαιοποίησή τους.

Και για να δανείζεται η Ισπανία για χάρη των τραπεζών έχει επιβληθεί σκληρή λιτότητα στον λαό.

Σας ζητούν να υιοθετήσετε τα περίφημα ”minijobs”. Are Germany’s ”Minijobs” a poverty trap? 

Για τα δεινά της Ισπανίας ευθύνονται η Γερμανία , η Ε.Ε.  και οι τράπεζες!

Μερικοί Έλληνες λένε ότι φταίνε οι μετανάστες για την κρίση στην Ελλάδα.

Μερικοί Ισπανοί λένε ότι φταίνε οι Έλληνες για την κρίση στην Ισπανία.

Μερικοί Γερμανοί και Γάλλοι ρίχνουν το φταίξιμο για την κρίση στους Έλληνες και στους Ισπανούς.

(Είδατε πόσο εύκολα βρίσκουμε – κατασκευάζουμε εχθρούς ; )

Λένε ότι τα προγράμματα απέτυχαν εξαιτίας των κοινωνικών αναταραχών.

Δεν έχει καταλάβει κανένας ότι τα προγράμματα λιτότητας έφεραν τις κοινωνικές αναταραχές ;

>>>Μόνο αν κατανοήσουμε τον πραγματικό εχθρό θα μπορέσουμε να ανασάνουμε.<<<

Σας καλώ σε έναν συντονισμένο ξεσηκωμό ενάντια στις τράπεζες.

Να μην πληρώσουμε ΚΑΙ τις ζημιές ΚΑΙ τα κέρδη των τραπεζιτών.

Να μην δουλεύουμε για την ευημερία των πλουσίων.

Πρώτα να κάνουμε κατάληψη στο μυαλό μας.

Μετά να καταλάβουμε τις τράπεζες!




This kind of pressure no man and no people would accept in any way.Must resist in any possible way.

Piazza della Carina


It is now common practice to smash up wages and workers’ rights by initiating bankruptcy proceedings. The best known case is the American auto giant General Motors, which laid off 30,000 workers, slashed wages in half for new-hires, and cut retiree benefits. If the German government gets its way, this procedure will be applied to entire countries.

According to a report in the news magazine Der Spiegel, the chancellery in Berlin has drawn up a six-point plan for far-reaching “structural reforms” in Greece and other highly indebted European Union countries. The plan includes the sale of state enterprises, the gutting of employment protection rights, the promotion of a low-wage labor sector, the removal of constraints on businesses, and the establishment of special economic zones and privatization agencies modeled on the German Treuhand.

German government spokesman Steffen Seibert has not confirmed the plan, but neither has he denied it…

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Greece:”Thunderstorm is coming.Thunders are pretty intence.”

What you hear on TV and you read in newspapers , sites and blogs , is a sample of what really happens in Greece.

The Greek daily suicide (two today), prisons do not have food for the prisoners, there are no drugs, retailers closing, the money is gone, the people terrorized by the disasterscenarios,  the Germans, French, Dutch and Lagarde are blackmailing the Greeks.

I do not want to give you the ugliness of the situation unfolding in Greece.

But I want to talk about the dignity that is lost.

Hollande said he respects the Greeks, if they respect the agreements signed.

The agreements were not signed by the Greeks.

The agreements were imposed to the Greeks.

The bullying they received are unprecedented.

The Lagarde recently said to Guardian:

”[…]she assailed Greeks for not paying enough taxes and said she was more worried about the fate of poor countries in Africa. The comments did little to win her or the IMF popularity among Greeks and may even influence how some decide to vote.”

The same is said by all the institutions of the European Union.

Van Rompuy said :

“Greece must remain in the euro area while respecting its commitments. We expect that after the elections, the next Greek government will make that choice,” the European Council president told Cypriot parliamentarians. “The stakes are high – for you as neighbors with close links to its financial system, but also for all of us in the euro zone.”

Even former Prime Minister of Greece leads the European Commission President Barroso :

“Look,” he said, “if a member of a club does not respect the rules, it’s better that it leaves the club, and this is true for any organization or institution or any project.”

Even though he did not name the country, his comments were taken as referring to Greece and made it look as if a Greek exit from the euro was drawing closer. Financial markets were thrown into panic, Greeks were outraged and Barroso was criticized.

But what was particularly galling about the incident for Barroso was that he had never intended to make such a strong statement. He did so only because he got a call from Greece’s caretaker prime minister, Lucas Papademos, asking him to do so, a Commission official said.

Frustrated at the failing efforts to form a coalition after the May 6 election, Papademos wanted Barroso to say something strong in the hope it might wake Greece’s political leaders up.

“It wasn’t Barroso’s initiative. It was a direct request,” said the Commission official informed of the sequence of events, adding with a degree of understatement: “It didn’t work.”

As New York Times wrote : ”Most aid to Athens circles back to Europe.”

Do not forget that : ”Greeks work much longer hours than Germans.”

After all that I believe that the Greek vote in the elections of June is going to be  a big surprise.

One such surprise will destroy Greece, will create chaos in Europe and will irreparablyharm the global economy.

It does not matter who will form government.

The Greeks would rise up because they are not going to be able to pay taxes.

The Greeks would rise up because they are not going to be able to sustain their families.

The Greeks would rise up because  there will be NO health care.

The Greeks would rise up because  it was an attack to their dignity.

The Greeks would rise up like you would if all these were taking place in your country.

Do you expect to happen differently ?

As Cyberella wrote :

”Thunderstorm is coming.Thunders are pretty intence.”





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Τα Γερμανικά σενάρια για την Ελλάδα είναι εντελώς προσβλητικά.Κανένας δεν έχε το δικαίωμα να καθορίζει την ύπαρξη και τη λειτουργία ενός ανεξάρτητου κράτους.
German scenarios for Greece is totally offensive. Nobody has the right to determine the existence and operation of an independent state.
Greece will fight back the right moment.
Mind your country ! ! !


Πηγή “German-Foreign-Policy.Com” –> εδώ

Το άρθρο αυτό προέρχεται από την ιστοσελίδα German Foreign Policy που 
είναι μια ειδησεογραφική ιστοσελίδα η οποία με την συνεργασία Γερμανών προοδευτικών δημοσιογράφων και Ακαδημαϊκών αποτελεί, ένα ¨Παρατηρητήριο –  Συστηματικής Παρακολούθησης των διαχρονικών αποικιοκρατικών – ιμπεριαλιστικών στόχων της Εξωτερικής Πολιτικής της Γερμανίας από το 1870 ( 2ο Ράιχ ) μέχρι σήμερα. 


On the Relevance of Democracy


ATHENS/BERLIN (Own report) – In the run-up to new elections in Greece, the German elite is discussing various scenarios involving the use of force to ensure control over Athens, including the establishment of a protectorate or the deployment of “protection forces” in that southern European country. The German austerity dictate, pushing Greece into destitution, is provoking growing popular resistance, which, apparently, can no longer be suppressed with democratic means. Berlin has failed in its efforts to force Athens into subordination by threatening to withdraw the Euro…

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This is exactly the situation in Greece and in some issues even worst. Social peace in Greece does not exist.

The Slog


Facing the threat of a delay in the disbursement of bailout instalments from the Troika, Greece’s caretaker government has suspended rebates and payments to suppliers of the public sector. All loans by banks to any business, regardless of viability, have been stopped. In the absence of safe ways to sell, 74% of Greek companies are focused on debt reduction. And foreign companies importing to Greece are demanding money up front.

The Troika’s crazy austerity and repayment schedules demand a Greek economy going at Full Ahead Both. It is now on Silent All Stop.

Thanks to cut-off threats from Berlin-am-Brussels, the Athens government has stopped paying suppliers, foreign importers will not ship until upfront cash has been received and confirmed, and banks have been instructed to lend nothing to either domestic or business borrowers.

The personal loans ban has been framed…

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Why cleaners are more valuable to society than bankers

As I said before on the body of society are growing parasites.

These referred on Wikipedia about  parasite :

“Generally parasite in biology characterized the organism (animal or plant) that lives and grows with and against another organization, characterized as host , from whom it feeds with essential nutrients. … Among host and parasite co-evolution can be. ”

The bankers are definitely the worst parasites.

Just compare the profession of the banker to any other job.