What do you know about the Greek election gatherings ?

PASOK (socialist party) ruled Greece for over 20 years.

Leader of PASOK , now , is Venizelos.

Venizelos was defense minister and finance minister in Papandreou government.

Venizelos is a professor of constitutional law at the University of Thessaloniki.

He is the main inspirer of most laws created by the governments of PASOK.

In yesterday’s election gathering in Syntagma Square he played the last game and lost.

Called on Greeks to unite with PASOK.

The Greeks did not respond.

PASOK paid immigrants to applaud and to create the impression in the media that Greeks support Venizelos.

A few days before the government launched the detention center known as the Greek Guantanamo.

One day consider immigrants enemies and another day use them  in the election speeches as decor.

This is the party and its leader who represented Greece in the negotiations with the E.U. , the E.C.B. , the I.M.F. , the international community.

This is the gentleman who defends the interests of bankers and not the people.

This is the gentleman who fooled the Greeks and tries to steal their votes.

This is the gentleman who wants to determine the future of Greece.

It is an deceiver using immigrants to create the impression that PASOK is a popular party.

This gentleman wants to become Prime Minister of Greece.

See how immigrants are used in order to create impressions in TV footage.

I am pleased that immigrants took some money out of it and didn’t spend the night in Greek Guantanamo.

I am sad that we were governed by PASOK for so many years.

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French or Greek #elections are most significant ?

On May 6 we have elections in France and Greece.

It seems logical that the French elections are more important for the future of Europe.

France is a bigger country than Greece. Its influence is worldwide. So the economy.

The showdown Sarkozy – Hollande shows two trends of French society.

But it seems that the placing of the French people are not to accept the German plan for E.U.

The balance in Europe have been disrupted.

The policy of austerity imposed by Germany with the tolerance of France, creates serious problems for governments and people of the EU.

Currently it seems that the only care of the E.U. is the bank bailout.

The recession has been struck most countries in the Eurozone (and U.K.).

The prospect of growth has moved to the distant future.

The French center – left coalesce with Hollande , in the hope that France will be able to put new conditions in the E.U.

What we do know is that the E.U. is not an association that cares for its citizens.

The only interest of the E.U. is to strengthen the role of banks and industrial profits.

Germany’s insistence on fiscal balance and the demonization of inflation leads the people of the E.U.  in misery.

The French will vote Hollande with the hope that they will impose their position in the E.U.

No France and no Hollande will  be able to oppose Germany’s Schäuble.

There will be tactical movements and the French under the pressure of the Germans would continue their policy of Merkel – Sarkozy.

The German government spokesman said today that: “Germany has never  afraid of  Hollande.”

In Greece, the elections have completely different meaning from the French elections.

vote for parties (socialist party-right party) that support the memorandum would mean that the European internal policy will continue in the same way.

vote against of the memorandum of the parties would create two problems :

a) an internal problem in Greece.

The pressure from Germany, the E.C.B. and the I.M.F. will be unbearable for the Greek people.

Will threaten with the stop of lending , the stop of providing liquidity , even with seizures Greek assets. Will even threaten with international isolation of Greece and forced exit from the euro area.

b) an internal problem in the eurozone.

The markets will turn their backs to the euro.

Italy and Spain will not be able to get funding and will be forced to ask the help of E.C.B. and the I.M.F.

The stability of the temporary Dutch government will be incredibly difficult.

Portugal and Ireland would stop any attempt to “of fiscal consolidation”.

Cyprus will collapse under the weight of the collapse of Greece.

The eurozone will dissolve.

So , i support , that tomorrow’s elections in Greece is the most important event that has happened in Europe since 2001 , when was established the common currency.

The elections in France , the only thing that might judge , would be a change in direction of the E.U.

The elections in Greece will judge the existence of the euro.


It is no coincidence that I.M.F. and German governments have committed to the two parties that support the moratorium.

The Greeks , the last days , receiving an unprecedented propaganda attack.

The parties that support the memorandum and the media , scare us with :

-the neo-Nazi party

-the issue of AIDS

-the issue of immigrants

-the issue of continuing the payment of wages and pensions.

Yesterday , the largest daily Greek newspaper , TA NEA (in the column read more) the famous ”journalist”  Pretenteris tried to convince us that the elections in Greece DO NOT MATTER AT ALL.

He says: “… we expect a lot more changes to the data from the Hollande election rather than our own ten small negroes …” and below: “… I expect that french voters will be able to open a different perspective of addressing the problem in a European level … “

I will not dare to make predictions about the outcome of the Greek elections.

The polls, however, give 37% of the votes in ND – PASOK.

With these percentages , probably, does not formed a pleasing for the Germans and the banksters , government.

For what I wrote above , I must say that I DID NOT CONSIDER Greece as the center of the world.

I do not believe in national or geographic states.

I thought that a Europe without borders would show the way to a world without borders.

Unfortunately , the banksters and the big idea of the Germans for themselves vandalized the vision of millions of people.

As I said in the  past , I invite you to prepare your courage and your strength.

The worst is coming.




A young girl from Ukraine, who lives in Greece and worked as a prostitute, it was revealed she was HIV positive.

Released details of the girl and more than 600 customers rushed to get tested.

The next day revealed that 11 other Greek women prostitutes were HIV positive.

The data and images of women released.

This is the dominant issue of days in Greece.

It is a very serious public health issue but most important is the issue of human rights.

Publication of the information and photos of women is a flagrant violation of human rights and medical confidentiality.

In four days are the elections in Greece.

The issue with the prostitutes used as a distraction from the real problems that plaguethe country.

The Min. of Health and Min. Protection of Citizens appear in the media and in statements defending the legality of publishing photos.

In its latest announcement, Health Minister said that we need laws to enforce condom use.

A few days ago the Minister of Citizen Protection opened its first immigration center.

There will be detained illegal immigrants.

In the previous text I had described as the Greek Guantanamo.

The ministers were then identified the issue of immigration as a health time bomb.

The crisis in Greece not only creates material poverty.

Creates a fascist mentality promoted by the same members of the Socialist government.

In such fear that exists right now in Greece , is normal the Greek neo-Nazi party to be popular.

The irresponsibility of the government determines the future behavior of Greek.

Fear poisons societies.

PS.While I was writing the text was announced that five more women are HIV positive. The production of fear continues…


The Greek Guantanamo…

In Greece we had concentration camps of political prisoners by the end of World War II until the early 70’s.

Suddenly , a few days before the election , Chrysochoidis  (Ministry of Citizen Protection) placed a bet with himself that within two months will make  “immigration centers”  ie prisons for immigrants.

And he did.

Yesterday 29/04/2012 opened the first prison for immigrant in Amigdaleza , a few kilometers away from Athens.

Greece now officially has its own Guantanamo.

The next step, you can be sure, it’s “reception centers dissidents” for the Greeks themselves.


Σύμφωνα με το σχέδιο που υπάρχει, θα μείνουν εκεί για κάποιο διάστημα και στη συνέχεια θα επιστρέψουν στις πατρίδες τους.





Three heroes… Three victims…

Yesterday, 6/4/2012, Krioneri, near Athens, a car stopped on the railway lines.

The train is approaching …

Near the railway lines worked three Pakistanis (illegal immigrants).

Without even thinking at all, they ran to help.

At that moment the train came and killed the elderly couple who were in the car and two of the three , immigrants.  The third immigrant was seriously injured.

A touching, tragic, human story.

Who ran to help the elderly couple?

Who lost his life helping his fellow human?

People – illegal immigrants – which in recent years have been targeted by  law enforcement authorities and a large part of Greek society.

In Greece, many believe that the main problem of the country are immigrants. We blame the immigrants for losing our  jobs , that we  do not have money , that they are the cause of the rising of  communicable diseases.

A few months ago the Minister of citizens” Protection” wanted to build a fence on the border between Greece and Turkey. Today the Minister talks about 30 camps for immigrants with fence around them and without allowing  (to the immigrants) going out of them.  A party leader talks about mines on the Greek borders. That means Greeks against immigrants…

People without hope, perspective, food, leaving their country to settle in Europe. First stop is Greece. Today are trapped in Greece, over 1,000,000 refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Somalia. It’s easy to get to Greece (has the largest border in the EU and one of the five largest of the world) but difficult to leave for  the rest of Europe. The Treaty Segen leaves no other way.(f an immigrant arrived in Italy from Greece , the Italians will return him to Greece rather than the country of  his origin.)

Immigrants in Greece are working with very small salary, the most difficult jobs and no social insurance. 

In previous years, where Greece had a high growth rate (3% – 5% per year) and there were jobs , everyone was happy.

Most projects for the Olympic Games, major public works and agricultural, owe their existence to the cheap labor of immigrants.

Today that jobs are lost and there are no projects in the country ,  immigrants are being persecuted.

Among immigrants , there are some who are criminals or forced to have committed crimes.

There are many Greek based on that  and requires  the expulsion of all immigrants from the country.


The story that I mentioned at the beginning of the text is to show that people have sensitivities , altruism , respect and selflessness, regardless of country of origin.

The hunted , the defenseless , the” targeted”  from the Greek society gave their lives to save their  hunters , their persecutors , those who feel them as inferiors.


They paid their self-sacrifice. The two with their lives and a third with serious injuries.

I  hope some  got the message and  before chasing  again  immigrants  , think the above story.

I hope not to increase the wave of racism that has gone   dangerously  high the last few years  in Greece.

I hope that is not going to be voted  by the Greeks , the far-right (Neonazi) party.

I suggest the three immigrants, to be honored by the Academy of Athens.