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Friends of Loukanikos!

Last Sunday an arson attack took place on his wife’s carof  Horst Reichenbach (Head of the Task Force for Greece).

The arsonists burned the BMW of Daymar Roth-Behrendt (MEP), which was parked in front of their home.

Also threw red paint at the house of  the couple Reichenbach – Roth-Behrendt.

Responsibility undertaken by leftist extremists who call themselves “THE FRIENDS OF LOUKANIKOS”

With such acts threaten the ECB, the European Commission and the IMF.

Loukaniko” in greek means sausage but i am sure you know the famous riot dog of Athens.

The name was taken from the famous autonomous dog , Loukanikos , who was named the 2011 Person of the Year.

Is always in all the demonstrations and riots taking place in downtown Athens.

Is always on the side of the demonstrators and always against the police.

He has become a symbol of the struggles of the Greek people against the austerity measures.

See characteristic photos of him and ADMIRE  the fighting spirit , dedication and courage in the struggle …

And in some … occupy moments.

We love that dog!

Arrests in #Athens_Greece 15/5/2012 #Syntagma

A group of activists , named AGORA , came in Greece to protest and through this action to inform Greeks about G20 summit.

They have come to Greece from various countries , mainly Europe , and protesting also for the economic crisis aroud the world and specialy in Greece.

They spend several nights on Syntagma square.

Early this morning police forces ,  violently ,  ”remove”  the activists from the point and took them under custody!

Greek media didn’t refer to the issue but only when it was too late(!) meaning today morning.


ΦΩΤΟ – ΣΥΝΤΑΓΜΑ: Επεισόδια και προσαγωγές ακτιβιστών

Μικροεπεισόδια στο Σύνταγμα με ομάδα ακτιβιστών

Mariana Faithful : #Greece Police cant stand it when international activists camp at #Syntagma! Bad for tourism!
May 15, 2012, 06:59 UTC

Mariana Faithful : #Greece Police have arrested abt 25 activists who had camped at #Syntagma!
May 15, 2012, 06:57 UTC

2600 years ago…

In ancient Athens, 600 years before Christ was born, there was a huge crisis. There was great poverty among the people while the rich became more powerful. Social unrest began to flare. Then the power was given to Solon (594p.Ch.). The origin was aristocratic and his occupation was a merchant. He was given absolute power to bring social peace in Athens.

He created a law (Sesachthea) that was designed to relieve the poor without compromising the interests of the rich.

Enabled the middle class to participate in administration of the city.

Limit the arbitrariness of the nobles – the rich.

Adjust the debts of heavily indebted citizens and not  deleted.

He did not make land redistribution, but with Sesachthea, relieved the poor from the burden of debt.

Change the value of the currency, thereby reducing the debt by 27%.

Set a maximum mortgage of property and wealth.

Once completed the legislative work, he left Athens.

He thought that if he stayed in Athens, he would be under pressure to change its laws, succumbing to the demands of his fellow citizens. He said that” Laws that change will not be respected.”

This is what happens in Greece (not now).

2600 years ago.

(Sesachthea means I get the weights.)




To Coca-Cola Hellas:What kind of shit are we drinking?

Not long ago Greek consumers complained about the taste and odor that had packs ofCoca-Cola.

The Common Food Inspection Agency and the General Laboratory of Greece examined the packing.

They found that in over 800,000 cans Coca-Cola and Sprite, was 2,4 DCP dichlorophenol (C6H4CI2O) used in the manufacture of herbicides. The toxicity of 2,4 DCP is large and can cause kidney failure, liver damage and even death.

After the General Laboratory of Greece examined the packing THEN the samples were tested by itself Coca-Cola and the results were identical. On the packaging and Coca-Cola and Sprite was 2,4 DCP.

Removed all cans Coca-Cola and Sprite, except 100,000, that were already consumed.

A Common Food Inspection Agency called to destroy 150 tons of sugar from Bulgariaand Belgium, the company uses in the refreshments.

The Coca-Cola is talking about great economic loss and  UNWILLINGLY  destroyed 150 tonnes of sugar.

The metaretriever2 asking the Coca-Cola Hellas: DO YOU HAVE ANY CONTROL MECHANISMS OF THE QUALITY OF YOUR PRODUCTS ???

If tomorrow falls “by mistake”  hydrogen cyanide in the product are we going to learn about it after a consumer complaint?!

In May 2012, the State of California spoke of carcinogenic substances in the ingredients of Coca-Cola and asked to change the ingredients used in the manufacture of Coca-Cola.

We will be watching you…

P.S. For the closure of your units in Greece and transported to Bulgaria and Skopje we will bother you again …


Three heroes… Three victims…

Yesterday, 6/4/2012, Krioneri, near Athens, a car stopped on the railway lines.

The train is approaching …

Near the railway lines worked three Pakistanis (illegal immigrants).

Without even thinking at all, they ran to help.

At that moment the train came and killed the elderly couple who were in the car and two of the three , immigrants.  The third immigrant was seriously injured.

A touching, tragic, human story.

Who ran to help the elderly couple?

Who lost his life helping his fellow human?

People – illegal immigrants – which in recent years have been targeted by  law enforcement authorities and a large part of Greek society.

In Greece, many believe that the main problem of the country are immigrants. We blame the immigrants for losing our  jobs , that we  do not have money , that they are the cause of the rising of  communicable diseases.

A few months ago the Minister of citizens” Protection” wanted to build a fence on the border between Greece and Turkey. Today the Minister talks about 30 camps for immigrants with fence around them and without allowing  (to the immigrants) going out of them.  A party leader talks about mines on the Greek borders. That means Greeks against immigrants…

People without hope, perspective, food, leaving their country to settle in Europe. First stop is Greece. Today are trapped in Greece, over 1,000,000 refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Somalia. It’s easy to get to Greece (has the largest border in the EU and one of the five largest of the world) but difficult to leave for  the rest of Europe. The Treaty Segen leaves no other way.(f an immigrant arrived in Italy from Greece , the Italians will return him to Greece rather than the country of  his origin.)

Immigrants in Greece are working with very small salary, the most difficult jobs and no social insurance. 

In previous years, where Greece had a high growth rate (3% – 5% per year) and there were jobs , everyone was happy.

Most projects for the Olympic Games, major public works and agricultural, owe their existence to the cheap labor of immigrants.

Today that jobs are lost and there are no projects in the country ,  immigrants are being persecuted.

Among immigrants , there are some who are criminals or forced to have committed crimes.

There are many Greek based on that  and requires  the expulsion of all immigrants from the country.


The story that I mentioned at the beginning of the text is to show that people have sensitivities , altruism , respect and selflessness, regardless of country of origin.

The hunted , the defenseless , the” targeted”  from the Greek society gave their lives to save their  hunters , their persecutors , those who feel them as inferiors.


They paid their self-sacrifice. The two with their lives and a third with serious injuries.

I  hope some  got the message and  before chasing  again  immigrants  , think the above story.

I hope not to increase the wave of racism that has gone   dangerously  high the last few years  in Greece.

I hope that is not going to be voted  by the Greeks , the far-right (Neonazi) party.

I suggest the three immigrants, to be honored by the Academy of Athens.

In the memory of Dimitris Christoulia.Athens-GR.

The man who shot himself in Athens, showed us the value of the exemplary withdrawal.

He chose to die because the status quo does not let him live and continue to dream.

He chose to die for reminding to mankind the force of the Act – the power of one.

If the power of one is able to stop the world … does the strength of all of us has the ability to write her own story?

In memory of Dimitris Christoulia.