What do you know about the Greeks candidates MPs?

John Drimalas is a candidate MP with the New Democracy party (right wing), in the Prefecture of Achaia (Patras).

Here Drimalas with the Head of ND Samaras.

On his page on facebook he posted on the “wall”  the party’s slogan: “Together we will succeed.”

A citizen made a comment :

“Again today we had three suicides John. Samaras is right. We will succeed. Do not leftnone alive. ”

Then the candidate MP responded to the citizen:

“Good evening!!!Because I do not know you and you do not know me … in order not to be overlooked i would prefer not to comment again on my ”wall”… In my balls (@@) if  he died – suicide – were killed…like you in your balls(@@) whether killed thousands in Tunisia last month!!!You can do whatever you  fancy in the elections but do not bother me … Thanks for your time! ”

Then the candidate MP changed his name and pictures in facebook.

But the citizen had managed to save the conversation.

Such people ask the vote of the Greeks.

In this case i’m lucky i live very close to drimalas and will have the opportunity to … be overlooked with him.

I will vote on the streets and  NO  at the ballot box.