What do you know about Greeks? 2

After the suicide of a retired pharmacist in Syntagma Square, another suicide for political reasons shocked Greece.

On Saturday 21/04/2012 Metikidis Savas, 45 years old, a teacher hung himself.

Savvas in a student protest in Athens

The note he wrote before committing suicide says responsible for his suicide is the political and economic situation that exists in Greece.

The suicides in Greece reached the 7 per 100,000 people.

The telephone line ”Intervention for the Suicide 1018”  in 2012 receives  four  times  more  calls than those accepted in 2010.

One in four who call the phone line states that facing financial problems.

The calls to the telephone line for 2010 was 2.500.  In  2011  was  7.000  while the first quarter of 2012 was over 4.000 .

By the way…

…today announced that 01/01/2013 will increase 25% the prices of tickets on public transport, in electricity bills and water.