Women #trafficking at #manolada

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Visiting quite often Manolada to find the refugees land laborers and stand in solidarity with them, I found myself in a new host of problems and conditions that are maintained as a result of the main problem.

On Sunday 28/4, during the course of Manolada’s rally to Vardas’ police station (approximately 4 km) I had the opportunity to talk with some refugees land laborers.

At some point I ask a Bangladeshi companion:

– Dude, where do you go to get laid? Are there any women who you pay to go with?

He replied:

– There are houses, mostly in the fields, that have women and we go for €20.

I asked him if the women were Greek or foreign and he replied that there are from all over the world, even “chinese girls” as he told me!

I asked him, who owns the houses and the women. He replied they are owned by Greeks but they rarely go there themselves, and they have Rumanians, Bulgarians and “gypsies” to hold the post.

I asked him, in what condition are those women. He replied that they are not pretty, that they have them locked up in the rooms and they never go out. He also told me that they never speak, they don’t event tell their names, not even a nickname. He even said that those houses work day and night, everyday.

The same chat (with the same findings) I performed with the other refugees the previous and next days that followed.

What was different was that he showed me the area where one of the houses are “there, after the river, about a half an hour walking” he told me.

From various conversations with the refugees, I’ve become aware that their camps are filled with police and their employers’ informers – rats.

So I ask, is it possible that those informers are not aware of the situations, of which I’ve learned with a simple question?

And if they know, what do they do about it?

Of course, women trafficking is a long and rich business world wide, but we must not forget that besides the unethical part, it ALSO illegal.

I have not seen or heard any court conviction or any media (big or small) dealing with this matter.

Next to us, there is a parallel world – an underworld that with tolerance, or should I say “backed by the system”, distributes slaves, drugs, explodes bodies and souls and becomes rich from this filthy wealth while it manages to overrule.

PS1: Legitimate “houses” in the area are 4-5 and accordingly to the law up to 2 women are allowed to work there (in those houses apparently, there are more beautiful women, therefore they get visited by the locals).

PS2: After asking one refugee on what do they do if they don’t have money, he said that the younger and weaker compatriots or other nationality migrants are being raped.

PS3: The profits of this trafficking enterprise – investment at Manolada area are huge, considering the 8.000 muslim men, from 15 to 45 years old. (guaranteed clientele – monopoly).

PS4: I would like you to think that the locals reproduce the social structures and habits of their community in the refugee – slave population.

Women of Fire.

I feel the need to show you the power of “weak” sex.

Shocking figures of women who became benchmarks of events  experienced.

Example of  Marianna in the French Revolution :

Example of the Dolores Ibarruri known La Pasionaria:


See the worthy successors today.

κοκκινη μαντήλα


and two days ago

Zainab Alkhawaja outside the Financial Harbor in Manama, Bahrain (21/4/2012). Image by Twitter user @Kareemasaeed.

You may not know them but they are around you , beside you , IN YOU.

Let’s roll girls…


Nazi Party of Greece.

In Greece the elections are in 06/05/2012.

People are divided into those that can not withstand the Memorandum (E.U.-E.C.B.-I.M.F.) and those who consider the memorandum as the only solution.

The Nazi party is against the memorandum. In polls shows that it gets 5% of the vote and be represented in parliament.

The pressure on Greece by the lenders create such situations.

Never before in Greece (the last 40 years) there was not a Nazi party.

See the poster and watch the men’s hand in front of the mouth of the woman.

The first line in yellow letters says: Are you thinking into voting the Nazis Party?

This poster is against the Nazi party. It is used to change the minds to those who want to vote for the Nazis.

The poster says:

The first part.

Women of the Nazi party knows the devastation that has brought the feminist movement. Αre contrary to gender equality.

The second part.

The only role of women is motherhood. The aim of the woman is giving birth to children in order to bridge the past and the future. The children will belong to the body of the ”race”.

The third part (yellow letters).

The vote to those who consider women inferior beings is not vote against the moratorium.