#StavrosDimas:The next prime minister of Greece.

What I suspected for a long time has begun to clear up.

The puzzle pieces are beginning to reveal the picture.

Greece has almost for six months a prime minister who was not voted by any Greek.

It has a government that has no legitimacy.

Greeks did not vote in elections to mortgage the future of  their country.

After Lucas Papademos the new #thegameagainstGreece is has a name  :  Stavros Dimas.

Greece's Foreign Secretary Stavros Dimas attends a NATO-Russia meeting during a NATO Foreign Ministers meeting in Brussels April 19, 2012.

L.Papademos worked as a test.

Should be tested if the Greeks can tolerate someone for Prime Minister, but to have himelected.

That is why the timetable of the term of office was predefined from the beginning.

After the Greeks tolerated for six months the former deputy governor of the ECB now are ready to accept the premiership of  former Wall Street executive and former European Commissioner S.Dimas.

A collusion of PASOK (socialist party) and ND (right party) will lead Greece back to the arms of Germany and the IMF.

Whichever party Greeks will vote for the the result will be one: S.Dimas as prime minister.

According to the latest polls PASOK and ND will receive 35-40% of the votes.

Members of both parties will be from 155 to 165.

To form a government needed 151 MPs.

If  things happen this way we understand that:

-Samaras (right-party leader) conspired with Venizelos (leader of the socialist party) against the Greek people.

They want to impose conditions to the Greeks , they can not control.

Read what hat4uk.wordpress.com writes on the subject.

I say again, that i will not legitimize any party and any government with my vote.

I will not vote for anyone, nor will participate in the elections.

I will not approve any conspiracy against me.

I demand the immediate removal of Greece from the Euro zone. Has no job my country with conspiratorial organizations and associations.

I can not tolerate Schäuble’s statements that the Stability Pact will be voted by alleurozone countries, regardless of what might be the governments.



PS 1) Stavros Dimas will not be a candidate in MP elections.

Another out-parliamentary prime minister.

PS 2) Thanks to @ tinathem which briefed me on the hat4uk!

PS 3) The names of politicians are in English because they have nothing to do with Greece.



PASOK (Greek Socialist) and BMW 7series

All ministers and parliamentarians in Greece have for transportation , state cars.

Because of the austerity, the cars are up to 1800 cc.

Evangelos Venizelos , when he was finance minister , was using a BMW 7series Hight Security.

Ο Βενιζέλος και η «μπέμπα» με τα λεφτά του… λαού

This car is fully shielded, even crystals…

Withstand attacks of all types of guns, even grenades.

The price of the car is … 750,000 euros.

Since Greece is trying to save costs, such a waste is unacceptable.

The car was bought with money of the Greek people.

Evangelos Venizelos is now leader of PASOK (Socialist Party) and ask for the vote of the Greek people to be Prime Minister.

When he was Minister of National Defence (2009 – 2011), signed the purchase of German submarines (those tilted) while the government cut wages and pensions.

This guy wants to rule over Greece ! ! !