The Only Solution Is Revolution.

The will is everything.

When we want something, we always succeed.

If during the effort we meet difficulties , we need to overcome , defending our goal.

The goal and  its achievement defines us.

Characterizes us.

Μarks us for a lifetime.

In the end we are the only way for  the actual completion of our goals.

We are the only solution.

When the objective is to change the world the only way is revolution.

There are many difficulties if you do not believe that you can make real your dreams.

There is no difficulty if you believe, for real , that you can change the world.

The change is here.

We have the opportunity and the power to shape in our favor.

We must not forget that the ruling class would resist to the end.

No time for thinking. (Besides, you have nothing to think about, you have already answered at all.)

Now, the time is right to express yourself, to rebel, destroy, correct and create.

The turning point in your life is here.

Take a decision, finally, and in any way make it real.

I do not give you power (because you have it).

I give you hope.

I guarantee that , if you use your power , then it will come true , what you’ve dreamed for you and for your children.

The will is everything.

Your dreams are real since you exist.

The only question YOU must answer is:

You want the life they give to you or the life you’ve imagined ?

If you want the life you’ve imagined then you need to demand it and he only way to do it is out on the streets.