ALERT.#Anonymous:The German Gov controls Greek judges,media and politicians.

Yesterday 2/5/2012 ,  Anonymous announced that they attacked the servers of the German Embassy in Greece.

Said they gained access to the archives of the German former ambassador Dr. Roland Veneger in Greece.

In these files exist investigating material from conversations from judges with prisoners and material with the characterization “terrorism”.

In Greece , as everywhere in the world , the possession of material containing discussions between  judge – prisoner is prohibited to be in any hands.

The possession of such material from the German Embassy in Greece PROVES the suzerainty of the German state on the Greek.

Anonymous say they will attack the servers of the interior ministry on the election day.

Characterize the election as a lie and deception of Greek voters.

Anonymous in possession of material 17GB of servers of the German Embassy in Greece  said they will disclose to Wikileaks.