PASOK (Greek Socialist) and BMW 7series

All ministers and parliamentarians in Greece have for transportation , state cars.

Because of the austerity, the cars are up to 1800 cc.

Evangelos Venizelos , when he was finance minister , was using a BMW 7series Hight Security.

Ο Βενιζέλος και η «μπέμπα» με τα λεφτά του… λαού

This car is fully shielded, even crystals…

Withstand attacks of all types of guns, even grenades.

The price of the car is … 750,000 euros.

Since Greece is trying to save costs, such a waste is unacceptable.

The car was bought with money of the Greek people.

Evangelos Venizelos is now leader of PASOK (Socialist Party) and ask for the vote of the Greek people to be Prime Minister.

When he was Minister of National Defence (2009 – 2011), signed the purchase of German submarines (those tilted) while the government cut wages and pensions.

This guy wants to rule over Greece ! ! !