18 billion gift to the Greek bankers.

Today 22/05/2012 the Greek banks will raise 18 billion euros.

From 2008 till today the Greek banks took over 200 billion.

This money will go for the recapitalization of banks…

The EU and the Greek government ”believe” that the money will be channeled to the market.

When they cut wages and pensions believed that there will be deflation, prices will fall and the internal devaluation will help in the development of the market.

When they put taxes and raise the value added tax was believed that state revenueswould increase.

When they lifted the collective bargaining agreements, believed that it would be investments in the country and entrepreneurship will be competitive, so there will begrowth.

None of this has happened.

It is certain that the money for a summary of the banks will not put on the real economy, but will be used by bankers to increase their personal property.

The 18 billion will receive the bankers and pay the Greeks, because came with the form of  loan.

Meaning , we see the following paradox :

The people charged with loans that will never use !

Bankers raising liquidity and since they have profit  will not have to return anything.

This is the main cause of the crisis in Europe.

Europe was structured in such a way that the rich will get richer and the workers wouldbecome poorer.

Banks, companies and manufacturers have access to money (ECB, European Investment Bank), while individuals must make ends meet themselves.

This is the EU that we believed in ?

This is the Europe of  people ?

This is the solidarity ?

This is the value of human labor ?

This is respect for human ?

They will continue to manage our fortunes ?




The Pulitzer Prize belongs to MELODY.

This year the Pulitzer Prize in the category of breaking news photography, went to Massoud Hossaini , who works for the agency France Presse. The photo shows  a tragic event.

In a place of worship in Kabul, on 06/12/2011, a suicide bomber detonated a bomb in the crowd.
  More than 70 people lost their lives.
Inside the crowd was the family of  Tarana Akbari (12 years), comprising 17 members.
From the family of Tarana  7 people were killed and 9 wounded (the seven year old brother lost his life).
The name Tarana means MELODY.
Breaking News Photography Winner 2012
Let’s stop the bullshit with religious, racial, national, political, economic passions.
If you are not moved by that image … keep that way.