#Greece:Immediate need for developing a modern Spartacus.

Two moments that I experienced…

-Last Sunday was a replacement bargain  in Rio, Patras.

People exchanged clothes with food.

The district of Rio is the living area for the rich bourgeois of Patras.

So  the former rich ladies gave their clothes (prada,d&g,hermes…)  from their wardrobes and got pasta, rice, beans and other foods.

The ladies who once spent thousands of euro in the Rio casino and spend their time between shopping and spa, now exchanging their clothes for some food.

-A few days ago I went to put fuel at my car.

The 40-year old employee began a monologue about his condition.

His wife is seriously sick and have three children.

From 4 am to 10 pm he is working on three different jobs.

When returns in his house watering his garden to sell tomatoes and cucumbers produced.

He said the past few days was thinking was about committing suicide or start  killing people.

It may not meet the needs of the sick woman, but neither provides the necessary in children.

With 18 hours of hard work does not win 800 euros.

Today the Greek government cut 14 billion from budget …

I fear that what will happen soon in Greece can be compared with the revolt of Spartacus and the slaves in ancient Rome.

Spartacus by Denis Foyatier, 1830
Born c. 109 BCE
The area around the middle course of the Strymon
Disappeared 71 BCE
Battlefield near to Petelia