I ask you directly: Is your child a terrorist?

(on the occasion of a tweet  Anonymous Mind ‏ @anonhive)

When a society does not hear her children is doomed to be destroyed.

When parents do not listen to the voice of their children, CANCELS THEIR LOVE FOR THEM.

When the old men decide for young people, everything is wrong.

When the example is negative then the future is dark.

If we think that the world we made is fair, then let’s defend it.

What would be your reaction if a parent hitting his child in the middle of the road?

When paid torturers beat the world’s children, you do not say anything?

That was yesterday in Montreal, Canada. (04/20/2012)

Tomorrow will be in your own town, in your own country.

Tomorrow will beating your kid.


The whole world on fire…

The whole world is in turmoil.

There is no place on the planet that are not happening demonstrations , protests , riots , wars.


National liberation movements fighting for independence.

People resist to their  dictatorial governments.

The U.S. are targeting many countries and they are  at war against them.

There is war against freedom of information.

There is war against free movement of people around the world.

Movements such as Anonymous and Occupies have leading role in the protests.


See some of nowdays riots.