ALERT.#Anonymous:The German Gov controls Greek judges,media and politicians.

Yesterday 2/5/2012 ,  Anonymous announced that they attacked the servers of the German Embassy in Greece.

Said they gained access to the archives of the German former ambassador Dr. Roland Veneger in Greece.

In these files exist investigating material from conversations from judges with prisoners and material with the characterization “terrorism”.

In Greece , as everywhere in the world , the possession of material containing discussions between  judge – prisoner is prohibited to be in any hands.

The possession of such material from the German Embassy in Greece PROVES the suzerainty of the German state on the Greek.

Anonymous say they will attack the servers of the interior ministry on the election day.

Characterize the election as a lie and deception of Greek voters.

Anonymous in possession of material 17GB of servers of the German Embassy in Greece  said they will disclose to Wikileaks.


Anonymous attacked USTelecom and TechAmerica

Anonymous attacked USTelecom and TechAmerica .

The attack began on 9/4/12 and users could not get onto the sites.

The sites were closed until Monday afternoon.

The companies were responsible for their support in the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA).

USTelecom represents telecom companies, including AT&T, Verizon, and CenturyLink and TechAmerica’s members include tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and Apple.

A Twitter account called @Anon_Central yesterday called the Rogers bill “draconian” and posted a link to groups and companies supporting the legislation.[ See List here ]

Anonymous uploaded the video showing the page of the USTelecom being down but for some reason the video seems to be banned …

take a look

But  UST and TH knew because of the Anonymous video

It seems the war for the freedom of the Internet continues.

The American parliament is expected to vote on the cyber security measure on the week of April 23.



The reason that Anonymous attacked UK Prime Minister and Home Office websites .



Anonymous attacked UK Prime Minister and Home Office websites yesterday night 07/04/2012.

The reason for the attack was the case of  Richard O’Dwyer.

Richard O’Dwyer is  a student who is accused in 2010 that he hosted in his  website  pirated movies and television  programmes.

Richard O’Dwyer has argued that his website  did not store copyright material itself and merely directed users to other sites, making it similar to Google.

British and American officers confiscated his equipment in November 2010 from his home in South Yorkshire.

The U.S. asks to be tried in their own territory.

In the U.S.  Richard will face imprisonment up to five years.

Richard O’Dwyer claims that the website did not violated any law of the United Kingdom.

Read more details on bbc article on 13/03/2012.