Greek elections 17 June…and now terror.

Once again the bourgeois democracy showed its weaknesses.

Elections in Greece revealed a big problem.

People are suffering, without work, can not  feed his children, can not  pay the huge taxes ,their relatives  suicide, the sick have no medicine , their children faint from hunger,vote for them who brought them in this state.

The ND ruled for 16 years from 1974 until today. The remaining years ruled by PASOK.

The New Democracy and PASOK  led  Greece to the present situation.

They are responsible for the plight of Greece.

The paradox is that they want to give and the solution.

From tomorrow, Greece  will have a Government  .

Exactly the same that had for the last eight months.

This government will be the continuation of Papademos government .

This government will try to sell the property of the Greek people.

This Government will cut wages more and will even further reduce spending on education and health.

I see now on TV Samaras  and Venizelos laughing. They can not hide their joy.

I see the fans applauding and  smiling for the winners .

I want to see them tomorrow, when they have even lower wages , when they get sick, when they go to pay the Internal Revenue Service.

I am sorry that Greece has failed to present a subversive example in Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Cyprus and Italy.

I promise that this government will collapse before summer ends.

We will occupy the whole  Greece.

We have not voted.

We will vote on the streets.

We will win.

We are many.

Fear us.

Are you ready to face us?


PS.The percentage of Greeks who did not vote in elections in May was 34,9%.

The percentage of Greeks who did not vote in elections in June was 38,8%.



The other way for a solution.

All the bankers and governments that serve them, pushing Greeks to vote for ND (right party).

All free-thinking people are pushing the Greeks to vote SYRIZA as a redemptive choice.

Here in Greece we had the misfortune to be fooled by political parties and policies who destroyed the country.

Greek politicians have accused the people that money is now missing from the country where spend by us the people , but is not like that.

Some Greeks were driven to a sudden change in way of life.

Now, the same parties that destroyed us, come to save us.

Even SYRIZA, which never was government, now has gather  many former government officials from PASOK who ruled Greece for 21 years from 1981 to date.

The same politicians who mortgaged our future, now  promise for  solutions.

To scare the Greeks did not hesitate to create and give birth to the neo-nazi party.

We do not believe that the solution will be given by the parties.

We do not believe that representative democracy would improve our lives.

In previous elections the abstention reached 40%.

Many of those who didn’t vote have no confidence in existing system.

The vote is not the answer.

The Greeks will amaze once again humanity with radical solutions they will impose.

Is of little importance who will win in elections.

The Greeks soon will reverse the government because the problems are no longer manageable.

In the global fight against bankers Greeks will be at the forefront.

The time is near where all banks worldwide will turn into ruins.

In this war we want Anonymous on our side.

We ask from Anonymous  to continue the work of Assange and reveal all the dirty secrets of all governments and banksters.

The fight is on the streets and on the Internet.




Highlights from the governmental program of SYRIZA(en)

The reaction that created the economic crisis in Greece brought the SYRIZA very close to govern Greece.
The following text aims to show the proposals of the left party.
Because the Grexit is the main economic issue worldwide,showing you the highlights of the program that created this global turmoil.
It is not my personal beliefs and will not vote for this party.
In fact I will not vote any party. As I said before, I will vote in the streets … WITH FIRE.
” 1) Formulating a shield to protect society against the crisis
Not a single citizen without a guaranteed minimum income or unemployment benefit, medical care, social protection, housing and access to all services of public utilities.
Protection and relief measures for the indebted households.
Price controls and price reductions, VAT reduction, abolition of VAT on basic-need goods.
2) Dispose of the Debt Burden
The debt is first and foremost a product of class relations and is in its very essence inhumane. It is produced by the tax evasion of the Rich, the looting of public funds and the exorbitant procurement of military weapons and equipment.
We are asking immediately for:
Moratorium of debt servicing
Negotiation for debt cancelling, with a provision for social insurance funds and small savers’ protection. This is to be pursued by exploiting any available means such as audit control and suspension of payments.
Regulation of the remaining debt with clause provisions for economic development and employment.
European regulation for the debt of European States.
Radical change of European Central Bank’s role.
Prohibition of speculative banking products.
Paneuropean tax on wealth, financial transactions and profits.
3. Income redistribution, taxation of wealth and abolishment of unnecessary expenses
Reorganization and consolidation of tax-collecting mechanisms.
Taxation of the fortunes over 1 million Euros and large-scale revenues.
Gradual increase, up to 45%,  of the tax on SAs distributed profits.
Taxing financial transactions. Special taxing on consumption of luxury goods.
Lift of the tax exemptions of ship owners and of the Greek Orthodox Church.
Lift of Banking and Merchant confidential, hunt down tax evasion and social insurance contribution evasion.
Banning of transaction carried through off shore companies.
Quest for new resources via efficient exploitation of European funds, via the claims on the payment of the German occupation loan and of German World War II reparations and finally via the steep reduction of military expenses.
4 Productive, Social and environmental reconstruction
Nationalisation/ socialization of the banks and integration of them in a public banking system under social and worker’s control in order to serve developmental purposes.  The scandal of the recapitalization of banks must stop immediately.
Nationalization of all public enterprises, of strategic importance, that have been privatized so far. Administration of public enterprises based on transparency, social control and democratic planning. Support for the provision of Public Goods.
Protection and consolidation of the SME’s of the social sector and co-operatives.
Ecological transformation of the developmental model. This includes a transformation in the sectors of energy production, manufacturing, tourism and agriculture. All these sectors are to be reformed under the criteria of nutritional abundance and fulfillment of social needs.
Development of scientific research and  productive specialization.
5 Stable employment with descent wage and social insurance
The constant degradation of labour, coupled with the embarrassing levels of wages does not attract any investments nor development or employment.
We are calling for
Well-paid, well-regulated and insured employment.
Immediate reconstitution of the minimum wage and of real wages within three years.
Immediate reconstitution of collective labor agreements.
Instigation of powerful control mechanisms that will protect employment.
Systematic confrontation of  lay-offs and labour relations deregulation.
6. Deepening Democracy. Democratic political and social rights for all.
There is a democratic deficit in the country.
Greece is gradually transformed into an authoritarian-police state.
We are calling for:
A  refoundation of popular sovereignty and an upgrade of parliamentary power within the political system. Instigation of a proportional electoral system. Separation of Powers. Revoke the Law for ministerial Responsibility and abolishment of the MP’s economic privileges.
Real decentralization and local government with sound resources and expanded jurisdiction.
Introduction of direct democracy and institutions of self-management under worker’s and social control at all levels. Measures against political and economic corruption.
Foundation  of democratic, political and trade union rights.
Enhancement of women and youth rights in the family, in work and in public administration.
Speed up the asylum process. Abolition of the Dublin II regulation and granting of travel papers to immigrants. Social inclusion of immigrants and equal rights protection.
Democratic reform of public administration with the active participation of civil servants.
Demilitarization and democratization of the Police and the Coastguard. Disbandment of special forces.
7. Powerful Welfare State
The anti-insurance laws the close-down of social services and the steep fall of social expenditures rendered Greece a country where social injustice reigns.
We are in need of:
An immediate programme of rescue of the pensions system that will include tripartite financing and gradual return of the pension funds portfolios into one public, universal system of social insurance.
A rise in unemployment benefits until the substitution rate reaches the 80% of the wage. No unemployed person is to be left without unemployment benefit. Introduction of a guaranteed minimum income.
A unified system of comprehensive social protection covering the vulnerable social strata.
8 Health is a Public Good and a social right
Health is to be provided for free and will be financed through a Public Health System. Immediate measures include:
Support and upgrade of hospitals. Upgrade of health infrastructures of the Social Insurance Institute (IKA). Development of an integrated system of first level medical care.
Stop lay-offs , cover the  needs of medical treatment in both personnel and equipment.
Free and costless access to medical treatment for all the residents in the country.
Free pharmaceutical treatment and medical examinations for the low-pensioners, the unemployed, the students and those suffering of chronic diseases.
9. Protection of Public education, research, culture and sports from the Memorandum’s policies.
In what regards education we are calling for:
Consolidation of universal, public and free education. Coverage of its urgent needs in infrastructure and personnel at all three levels. Compulsory 14 year unified education.
Revoke of Diamantopoulou Law. Consolidation of self-government of the Universities. Preservation of the academic and public character of the universities.
10.  Independent foreign policy committed to the promotion of Peace.
The adaptaion of our foreign policy to the exigencies of the U.S and the powerful states of the EU endangers the country’s independence, peace and security.
We are in need of
A multidimensional and peace-prone foreign policy
Disengagement from the NATO and shutdown of the foreign military bases.
Termination of the military cooperation with Israel.
Aiding the attempts of Cypriot people to reunite the island.
Furthermore on the basis of international law and on the principle of peaceful conflict resolution we will pursue a solution to the Greek-Turkish relations, a solution to the problem of FYROM’S official name and an identification of Greece’s Exclusive Economic Zone.
The incumbent economic and social system has failed and we must overthrow it !
The economic crisis rocking global capitalism has shattered the illusions. All the more people witness that capitalist speculation is an inhuman organizational principle for the modern society. It is also unanimously shared that that private banks function only for the benefit of the bankers harming the rest of the people. Industrialists and bankers absorb billions from Health, Education and Pensions.
The exit from the crisis entails bold measures that will obstruct those who create it from continuing their destructive work. We are endorsing a new model of production and distribution of wealth, one that would include society in its totality. In this respect the large capitalist property is to be made public and managed democratically along social and ecologic criteria. Our strategic aim is socialism with democracy, a system in which all will be entitled to participate in the decision-making process.
We are changing the future we are making them past
We can win them, by forging unity and creating a new coalition for power with the Left as a cornerstone. Our weapons in this struggle are the alliance of the People, the inspiration, the creative effort and the struggles of the working people. With these we will shape the life and the future of a self-governed people.
Now the vote is to the People! Now People have the power!
In this election the Greek people can and must vote against the regime of Memoranda and Troika, turning, thus, a new page of hope and optimism for the future. ”

If the right party wins the elections in Greece.

If  in Greece comes first party New Democracy(right party), in cooperation with PASOK(socialist party) and form government.

These two parties together will not gather more than 40% of the votes.

About 60% of voters would be against them.

SYRIZA is the opposition.

The first bill will bring to vote the new government , the opposition and the people will react to.

Thousands of people will gather outside the parliament.

Protests will occur in all cities.

The protests will not stop.

The ports will be closed after a strike of dockers and the manning of ships.

The taxi drivers and truck owners will stop moving their vehicles. Huge problems in the supply of fuel and food.

Civil servants begin non stop strike.

Employees in the Public Power Corporation also start strikes. The Greeks have electricity intermittently.

Employees of banks also in strike. They complain about the large reductions in their salaries.

Employees of municipalities strike also since one out of three are to be made redundant.

Governmental crisis breaks out.

In less than a month after the inauguration, the government collapses.

Dora Bakoyannis shows the way for the dissolution of government (leader of a small neo – liberal party).

The reason for her departure will be the  ineffective suppression of strikes  (by the habit of her family).

Call for new elections.

Those who expect a stable friendly to  Europe government does not know anything.

The anger and poverty of the Greeks will not allow the continuation of the austerity programs.

The Greeks would react violently.