#Anonymous Project Mayhem 2012: The Plan | #Nov5

Anonymous call:
”Greeting brothers and sisters, Due to tremendous support of Project Mayhem 2012 from you, the people, we would like to present to you the “Game Plan”. On the 5th of November 2012, TYLER will be out of beta testing. There is expected to be many versions of TYLER to be released. On this day, the cypherhacker community is expected to audit all codes, along with choosing the best TYLER candidate. This massive code audit will be done from November 5th to December 11th. TYLER will be fully operational and released wild on the internet on December 12th, along an outpouring response to TYLERs arrival through social media by you, the people. On December 12 2012 till December 21 2012, all insiders, moles, and whistler blowers worldwide will release an unprecedented amount of corporate, finical, military and state leaks onto TYLER.

As well as cyber actions Project Mayhem 2012 will involve Real life actions to occupyreality. We ask all occupying citizens to organize massive flash mobs to occupy their city halls, financial districts, banks, parks or any of their choosing, everyday at 11:11am and 11:11pm for just one minute, this will ensure there is no unnecessary confrontation, all this leading up to a massive party to occupy parliaments worldwide on 12.21.2012.

Soon the global economic system will start the final financial meltdown, for trust in fear based money will finally be broken. We ask the people of this world to break free from their fear based money and start using the uncensorable and secured bitcion currency.

With this plan in effect the future of this planet is now in our hands.
It is our responsibility to create the change we wish to see in the world.

On 12.21.2012 we will leak it all. From this day forth we will spread this mind virus onto the masses. On 12.21.2012, we will withdraw it all. On 12.21.2012, we will Occupy it all. On 12.21.2012 we will…..

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