#Anonymous Call… #OpPayback

New roads opened by Anonymous!

A text that should be read very carefully…

”Hello world,

This is Anonymous. This is a public service announcement. Due to the increasing number of faggotary and butthurts on the Internet regarding Anonymous and its policies, we are writing this public service announcement on behalf of the galactic federation of Anonymous, which is responsible to oversee all so called Anonymous activities. We are deeply regretting the decision that we let t

his bird out of the cage for people to exploit it and use it to their advantage. Our idea was, people will BECOME anonymous, not follow it. It was a simple plan yet a powerful one. But as we are seeing, many have used it for their own personal gain and many are just following it, becoming the sheeple they always were.

So this public service announcement is for all those who are concerned. Please remove your anonymous avatars and profile pictures if you cannot sync with the hive. Anonymous is not what YOU want. It is rather what the HIVE wants! The HIVE wants you to cooperate with it because next few months are going to be awkward since many of you are still in a dream or are refusing to wake up.

We might have to use our old methods to keep you on your toes and many of you may feel uncomfortable with our methods. But we assure you that it is for good only.


Galactic federation of Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forget
We do not forgive

Expect us!”

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