This is who we are and we do whatever we like!

A little philosophy never did harm to anyone.

Too much philosophy mislead.

Unlike many people in here we do not believe that we should spend our lives with endless thoughts.

We believe that the action is important in our life, provided that it is conscious.

We believe that in life you should decide “early” what and who you are and enter directly the struggle and the reality of your completion. We think continuous endoscopies postpone completion.

The practicality and action is what gives the stigma of our lives.

Practicality does not exclude in any case the feeling.

Instead it helps us to deal effectively with our difficulties and other people difficulties around us.

We went from very young to the side of autonomy.

We never accepted the idea of someone else fixing our lives.

We found many obstacles.

We had first to overcome the perceptions that we had planted  society and limiting our liberation process.We had to get rid of “bad” social interactions, from property needs, from envy towards others and finally the rushing sense of superiority in every man that make him consider it superior of all other creatures on earth.

We organized our lives so that we are happy while not destroying the lives of others.

Scοld, injury, insults, shouted and generally never kept submissive posture.

We defended our beliefs with passion, but we respected the beliefs of others.

Not ruled out anyone, even the most extreme,  to discuss with them.Even with the far-right-Nazi we discussed (up to a certain point  of course) from the time we realized that the other person was open to discussion.

Generally we support the exchange of views, but never denied the use of force especially when we see injustices and absurdities.

We can not afford in any case  misery and pity. We do not accept charity and the charity in any case.

We accept illness as part of human life. We are incredibly disturbing but the pain caused by them. We can not fight the feeling that comes when a man hurts. We believe that pain gets gigantic ”look” in people’s minds when they have not realized the essence of their existence.

We believe that death is the ultimate, natural culmination of life.

As for gods and postmortem concerns we are absolutely sure! No need to concern us at all.

What matters is life itself, not the various parameters  that placed arbitrary.

We are opponents of the Enlightenment because we think it has done  the greatest evil in human evolution. We believe that, with codify and legitimize human rights, opened the way to challenge themselves to bargaining rights. When we say unalienable  we mean that rights come not in any negotiation. Not traded through laws and conventions.

We do not believe that democracy is important because is based on compromises and obligations imposed by coercive force.

We believe in conscious man who is able to understand himself what to do and what not to do.

We believe that education (not that provided by the illiberal regimes that dominate) can make all people deserving to live with internal and external dignity and in harmony with the world.

The contractual obligations, which surround mankind, give rise to selfishness, hatred, segregation, exploitation.

We believe that we should stop trying to live with all these by convention lies .We believe that we should  try to understand that we all belong to everyone.

We consider as an ideal society the society that does not impose anything on anybody, and yet no one exceeds his freedom.

We are not talking about forcing within  but fully aware of each.

To achieve such a society we do not consider anything impermissible. Not even the armed struggle against those serving statements and fabrications and keep humanity enslaved.

Another tool that can be used is the example in the way of living.

Seeing some people living a happy and free life  from oppressive contracts for others , begins to wonder what is wrong with the system.

We believe that the earth was not created with borders and that has the ability to sustain us all as long as we  denounce greed.

Nothing is a policy issue.

Everything is a matter of human.

P.S.1) Anyone who describes himself as an anarchist – autonomous can not use “urban” or “folk” dictionaries and encyclopedias to identify their feelings.

P.S.2) The anarchy of closed conspiratorial groups and “illegal” bombers belonging to the pre-previous century and the complex, incomprehensible and endless manifestos.  None  Bakunin or Kropotkin cannot work because the same binding conditions make them outdated and their thoughts become binding on the evolution of man.


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