Greek elections 17 June…and now terror.

Once again the bourgeois democracy showed its weaknesses.

Elections in Greece revealed a big problem.

People are suffering, without work, can not  feed his children, can not  pay the huge taxes ,their relatives  suicide, the sick have no medicine , their children faint from hunger,vote for them who brought them in this state.

The ND ruled for 16 years from 1974 until today. The remaining years ruled by PASOK.

The New Democracy and PASOK  led  Greece to the present situation.

They are responsible for the plight of Greece.

The paradox is that they want to give and the solution.

From tomorrow, Greece  will have a Government  .

Exactly the same that had for the last eight months.

This government will be the continuation of Papademos government .

This government will try to sell the property of the Greek people.

This Government will cut wages more and will even further reduce spending on education and health.

I see now on TV Samaras  and Venizelos laughing. They can not hide their joy.

I see the fans applauding and  smiling for the winners .

I want to see them tomorrow, when they have even lower wages , when they get sick, when they go to pay the Internal Revenue Service.

I am sorry that Greece has failed to present a subversive example in Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Cyprus and Italy.

I promise that this government will collapse before summer ends.

We will occupy the whole  Greece.

We have not voted.

We will vote on the streets.

We will win.

We are many.

Fear us.

Are you ready to face us?


PS.The percentage of Greeks who did not vote in elections in May was 34,9%.

The percentage of Greeks who did not vote in elections in June was 38,8%.



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