Greece: The bravery passed a generation.

In their history the Greeks have given countless battles.

Let’s go back a bit:

-The Greeks resisted the dictatorship (Technical University riots 1973).

-Resisted the Germans – Italian (1940).

-Resisted the Turks and created the Greek state.

In recent years, however, the Greeks were complacent.

They thought that the EU ,  ensures democracy, national sovereignty, social development, everything.

The Greeks remained inactive and were dominated by those forces who want tosubjugate (economically, socially, politically).

In recent decades was lost the bravery of Greece.

Allegiance , misery , enrichment desire  ,  subculture are  the characteristics of this generation.

With the exception of a handful of people who complain, protest, demand, everyone else is asleep.

When they wake up it will be too late.

They will have lost everything.

Greeks remember the struggles of previous generations.



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