French are not neo-nazi’s.

Yesterday 22/04/2012  the Nat. Front , the extreme right  party of Marrine Le Pen got 17.9% of the votes.

See here the full results of the first round of French presidential elections as  present in  guardian.

All looking to analyze the phenomenon.

They wonder: There are so many extreme right  in France?



The majority of the voters of Marine Le Pen are not extreme right. ARE JUST RIGHT.

The right, as we know, consists of several ideological trends.

One of these trends is the “deep right”.

Fans of the “deep right”  is Sarkozy’s voters.  He won them when he was a minister with the previous government. (Remember the episodes with immigrants a few years ago).

The Nat Front was voted by the ”deep right”  people to press the right-party of  Sarkozy to turn further to the right.

They voted for Le Pen in the first round.

In the second round they have pre-decided to vote for Sarkozy.

Controversies of trends of Sarkozy’s  right party set the percentage of  Le Pen , not the popularity of  her party’s positions.

There are many conservatives around us.

But there are not so extreme right(neo-nazi’s).

PS1. Vote 80% of the French.

Of  the 20% who did not vote , how many believe in the self-management and how many are anarchists?

PS2. The thing that amused me from yesterday’s French elections is the expression of  Merkel when she heard the results…

(however I respect @costerg’s fears)  :)


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  1. You will just have to wait and see … Ha! Ha!

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