#thegameagainstEngland ?

Two months ago my father came from England, living there permanently 15 years.

Talking about the situation in Greece told me that if this was done in England would revolt, blood will be spilled.

If the government would cut social benefits, the English, would react violently.

I replied that Greece is an experiment, and sooner or later these all will experiencing and in England.

We read today  about benefit cuts affecting disabled people, changes to care funding and the loss of Remploy jobs in England.

Read what guardian writes today.

In just two months i was verified.

I want to see how the British will react to this attack they receive on their social benefits.

I read that they have organized protests in Leicester Square, London this afternoon(18/04/2012).

(Today at 14:12 – Trafalgar square – London)

I want to tell you that in Greece was began the same way  to cut benefits and now nothing has left.

It happened to us and we learned…


Today happens to disabled tomorrow will happen to all.

special to my friend Bob! 😉





  1. Ha! Ha! …. You know where I stand! … And “The Beatles” is a bonus!”

  2. Sadly the UK population have recently been programmed against those who are on benefits, all on benefits these days have been labelled as scroungers and most of the population agree with that such is the mentality of the sheeple, they are free to do as they are told without question, good little slaves are they.

    • You are so right…exactly the same my father was telling me! They have accept it as it was a pill… 😦

      • sad isn’t it eh, I was not pleased by the way over the treatment your Greek police used on that WW2 hero who took down the Nazi flag over there, we live in dark times my friend, dark times indeed.
        If in the remote chance you had not heard about it I include this link designed for a younger audience http://9gag.com/gag/2681884 which should if you can be shared with said viewers, if not possible on your site i will understand my friend, but I do ask of you to pass it along to the younger ones if you can.

      • I know it …i have seen it a while ago. It’s a good one though. it’s already on my fb account it’s going up here tomorrow. 🙂

      • Retweeted the link … from freewestray … will not post … best from you! … There is a story here! … Good luck!

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