They control the cities, control our lives. Resist!

The feudal lords, during the Middle Ages, in their attempt to seize the land and their citizens, they designed and built residential complexes.

The cities were built to be functional but mainly controlled.

In the same way and today’s leaders plan and build cities.

A typical example is Brazil. In 1960 the then president Zouselino Koumpitsek inaugurated the new city and the country’s capital, Brasilia.

Cities should be ”constructed correct ” . It should certainly serve the purpose for which they were built :

1) To provide control of the population.

2) To create directional needs.

3) To create the ultimate sense of collegiality.

See some leaders to plan the construction of new residential standards :

French President Nicolas Sarkozy looks over a model of proposed construction in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, a suburb of Paris on February 13, 2012. The sashed mayor of the town is also there, as is the Paris police prefect.



Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez points to models of houses during a TV broadcast about a new Socialist city named “Caribia City,” located outside Caracas. The city has been slowly rising since 2007.August 27, 2011



Then-North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il inspects a model of a new E-Library at Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang. April 2011



Dubai crown prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum looks at the model of ‘The World,’ a now-stalled project consisting of a number of artificial islands off the coast of Dubai laid out in the shape of the earth’s land masses.May 3, 2005



Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao is shown a scale model of the Lisbon urban area Expo 98 by Portuguese officials.December 10, 2005



Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahayan examines some proposed real estate projects during the Cityscape Abu Dhabi Exhibition on April 19, 2009.



Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah looks at the model a housing development project being built in the city of Rafha. May 8, 2007



Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak looks at a model of the future development of Kuala Lumpur.September 21, 2010



Franz Muentefering, then-leader of Germany’s Social Democratic Party, places a building into a model railway during an exhibition in 2009. Organizers invited most of the German political parties to design their ‘Idealland’ (Ideal country) within the model.September 5, 2009



Pope Benedict XVI…a wooden carved model of Bethlehem and the controversial Israeli barrier built in the city to separate it from Jerusalem.May 13, 2009


Recent and private companies have undertaken to build cities, such as IKEA.

Τώρα η ΙΚΕΑ κατασκευάζει και πόλεις! [εικόνες]


Τώρα η ΙΚΕΑ κατασκευάζει και πόλεις! [εικόνες]


Τώρα η ΙΚΕΑ κατασκευάζει και πόλεις! [εικόνες]


Τώρα η ΙΚΕΑ κατασκευάζει και πόλεις! [εικόνες]

In 2009, IKEA bought an area outside London. There, builds her own city the LandProp .

Even old towns are the target of  ”politically correct” .

In New York , in the 90’s , dominated the dogma of ”zero tolerance” . Then mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani  ”reformed”  the city. He paint the walls , erased graffities ,   buildings that gave birth to crime ”disappeared” and entire neighborhoods changed use. All this was done to control the population of a mega-city.

Prohibitions and policing of citizens is now a key feature of cities. ALL MADE IN THE NAME OF SECURITY , ARMED BY FEAR.

We need to protect the place we live.

We must not allow anyone to define our lives.

Resistance to the imposition of lifestyle and behavior imposed on us.



Then-Dutch Prime Minister Wim Kok walks carefully through the miniature streets of Amsterdam at the amusement park “Madurodam” in The Hague.March 27, 1998




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