Children in Palestine…think about it…

What harm can a man do when in age 0 – 10?


These babies did not do anything to be killed like cockroaches.

All of you think that one of these children were your own, or worse, in the future will be the target of a sick mind …


Another child arrest…. Does it need 7 soldiers to take one little boy…. ? Intimidation. Standard courtesy of IOF

Abeer Skafe again. Resisting became her death. After Israeli Occupation denied her to see her father, she got in shock, paralysed and eventually died on April 22, 2011 of the consequences. I salute the Shaheeda, May Allah swt grant her peace in Jannatul Firdaus, Peace she never knew in this life. Ameen.

Another Child, just a baby, killed during operation “Cast Lead” on Gaza. According to Israel no warcrimes are committed….

Muhammed al-Durra, first child martyr of the 1st Intifada. Shot in cold blood by Israeli snipers while his father tried desperately, amidst crossfire to protect his son

Brothers and sisters, little children, slaughtered by Israel. Gaza, Cast Lead offensive 2008-2009

What are you doing Israel! What is in the hearts of “mankind” being able to destroys lives like these, a newborn baby….killed

Israel’s teaches it’s soldiers to target to cause a sudden death. Shot right in the heart…. A child…

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  1. Look at some of the pictures of Israeli soldiers talking to Palastinians, their guns are always pointed at the children … to terrify the parents!

  2. This is not the truth, the people in Gaza killing Israelis and babies, they shoot at us bombs and kill entire families as well as fake photos and many proofs of this.
      And “the little boy” He grows up to be a killer. Palestinians teach their children to hate Israelis from infancy, they use their children as soldiers and Israeli soldiers never kill innocent people. you only hear in the news about Israel bombed Gaza but never see Gaza and Hamas and the Arab terrorists While they shoot bombs and killing innocent people in israel every day.
    open your eyes Israeli is innocent
    In addition we give them water and electricity Because we are human not animals like them who murder women and children and families
    I suggest you first investigate the matter and try to live 48 hours in Negev israel under the bombs
    And by the way the boombs came to Tel Aviv.

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