In the memory of Dimitris Christoulia.Athens-GR.

The man who shot himself in Athens, showed us the value of the exemplary withdrawal.

He chose to die because the status quo does not let him live and continue to dream.

He chose to die for reminding to mankind the force of the Act – the power of one.

If the power of one is able to stop the world … does the strength of all of us has the ability to write her own story?

In memory of Dimitris Christoulia.


  1. A 26 year old named Mohamed Bouazizi started the Arab Uprising … so who knows what comes next …?

    • exactly my point … do not forget though that in Greece still the main feeling is fear so everything is possible …!

      • Fear of who! … The government or the future … Get the hell out of the EU … the sooner the better …. tell them to go fuck themselves on any debt … cancel it and start again! … Open up to tourism … and watch the money roll in! … You guys are in a good position … It just takes a rethink! … no promises though! … Just take some form of a stance against the EU!

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