CHANGE the role in your life

All we ask ourselves, in our daily lives, it is possible to treat some people so hard.

How can be challenging and beating so violently some police officers ,how  it is possible the headss to behave so badly, in our work, how explains  our attitude toward those who we see them as  ”inferiors” ?

Everything in life is a matter of  ‘‘ROLES’‘ .

Everyone plays a role in everyday life.  This role is different in  private life and different in social life.

The  ”role”  is directly connected to the social status of each person.

A key feature of the role are the  orders – injunctions – ”social mission” , which everyone thinks that performs.

Can we  control the lower instincts and act in solidarity and respect in society?

See the experiment and think again about your behavior, because otherwise I will start to behave accordingly!

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