Was Goldman Sachs involved with child pornography?

One of the biggest culprits of the global economic crisis is the Goldman Sachs.

Let’s look at a story that shows the quality of this Group.

The Journal Village Voice is an alternative newspaper in New York.  One of the founders is Norman Mailer.

The Backpage.com  is the largest website marketing and advertising on porn and underage children.

AND the Village Voice AND Backpage.com BELONGS to Village Voice Media.

The Village Voice Media to defend itself against any voice calling for the closure of  Backpage.com is using the newspaper Village Voice.  Uses a progressive , alternative newspaper as an excuse for the porn site.

Owners of Village Voice Media  are Jim Larkin  and Michael Leisi (the two of them controls half the shares) and the Goldman Sachs  (has a 16% stake) and others.

Once learned, the shareholders,  Goldman Sachs rushed to sell its shares and claimed he knew nothing.

If was  not revealed  the ownership structure of Village Voice Media that’s for sure Goldman Sachs will not ever sell the shares and would continue to trade profitably.

This is the moral of Goldman Sachs , whose sole goal is to have profit from any activity.

Such companies define our lives.

By the way, Goldman Sachs  has undertaken much of the Greek loans.

We will keep watching them at all times…



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