In Greece today,in your country tomorrow.

Demographics: an indicator of the progress of humanity.

The main characteristic of uneducated and complacent society is to monitor developments and events that can understand and process, unlike the events and situations that need resolution, deeper thought and insight.

We deal today with a bunch of “useless” facts and circumstances (concentration campsof migrants, minimum wage, potato movement, reform in the universities, etc.) related Memoranda measures imposed , but it is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are two main problems, in my opinion, created in Greece with the implementation of the two memoranda.

One of them i will try to analyze now.

We will be more or less, after the crisis???

According to the Greek Statistical Authority, from 1989 to today are born approximately100,000 to 120,000 children in Greece. Starting this year and subsequent years arelimited to 90,000 births per year, to decline.

To keep the population stable, however, the birth rate would be 2.1 children per woman, whereas today it barely reaches 1.39 children per woman.

Looking a bit in the past will see that in 1969 154,077 children were born,  in 1979,147,956 children were born in 1989 101,657 children and 118,302 were born in 2008. In recent years , however , Greece has ceased to be habitable only by Greeks , because of the large number of immigrants who sought refuge there . Thus ,  for example births in 2008 , showing an increase , compared with the births of 1999 . The explanation for this is due to the fact that immigrants who settled in Greece ,  increased the number of births . According to ELSTAT ,  birth rates of foreign nationals , of all births ,  in 2004 to a share of  15.95%  in  2005  to the rate of  16.49%  in 2006  to the rate of  17.37%  and in  2007  rate of  18.29%  .  It is now clear that without the participation of immigrant births would be reducedby about  17% .  Looking a bit in the past will see that in 1969   154,077  children were born , in  1979  147,956  children born 1989 and 101,657  in 2008  147,956  children were born.

You can understand the problems created in the demographic of the country by readingthe above?

At first glance we see that:

1) Not enough children are born to maintain at least the same levels of the population.

2) The demographics of Greece is changing and fewer Greeks  being borned , unlike the ”foreigners”.

3) The parameter of the economic crisis had not calculated the statistics relate. We can easily understand that the Greeks will be much less.

4) Finally, it should be taken seriously and the fact that many Greeks are going to migrate in other countries  in search of work, so the rates will fall even further.

Will someone tell me: Why bother with how many we will be the 2020 or 2050?

And yet, this is the big problem facing the country today.

We are talking to each other today about  insurance problems, cuts in health , social security and to increase productivity as if they are independent problems . Those plans are going to be  proved to be small and wrong.

a) Who will work for the rest to retire?

b) How to increase productivity, when the number of employees constantly reduced?

c) Who will pay health contributions for the whole population and especially for thegrowing number of elders?

d) To what height will reach social security contributions in order to exist welfare state?

Read the information specified in the condition of the population according to Census2011, published by eurostat and CIA World Factbook (2009).

see the details here i did not find it in english but is quite understandable with a simple google translate

The above data were taken before the crisis . We conclude that the ratio of deaths will rise dramatically due to the sharp drop in living standards and the dramatic cuts in health and social benefits . The same will happen with the birth rate , which will also decrease , because of the uncertainty ,  the serious financial problems and the inability of Greek programming.Exactly the same will happen with the migration index, which I’m afraid to grow at double digit rates.

The result will be:

1) The population will decline , perhaps less than 9,000,000 ,  until 2050.

2) The composition of the population will change dramatically as to nationality and as to the ages. The age to 60 years will be a small minority.

3) The unique and productive young Greeks will reside exclusively outside Greece , as they will have migrated all , can not handle the enormous burden of contributions to themaintenance of very old people.

What is this?


I know I made your day, but I would go just yet.

I will write to you now , what I think it’s the worst of all .  Some will blame me  as conspiracy theorists or even would say that these invalidate what I said above.However I’ll take the risk and would turn to a more dangerous plan.

In Greece ,  is unfolding an experiment that will be used throughout the course of humanity:

Those who control the world’s wealth , the famous 1% , entrained by greed , they try to win more, bycontrolling  more tightly  the people.They know that now a part of the world’s wealth should be shared with the so-called middle class .  To increase their wealth should    reduce the number of middle class    and      increasethe number of the lumpen proletariat . There is a considerable scope for increasing wealth ,  if people have an average annual income of  50,000 , will be reduced by half .  So , they  try to reduce the middle class globally , at least in half , for two main reasons:

a) Because making the middle class poorer, have more cheap labor and

b)they will have less educated people , and as a result , easier to manipulate them.

The industrial revolution has brought the bourgeoisie , those who are called middle class , as a reaction to absolutism of the rich . It is time , therefore , the rich to regain the state in their hands and go back to pre-1789 status quo .  Once formed , the movement of enlightenment , the strong (rich) they put  their hand and guide it (the movement).  The sages then enlighteners (VoltaireRousseau, etc.)  fell into the trap . Identified human rights , but made the mistake of  record them and included them , later , by the downstream in national constitutions and other legal documents . The legal record , however , of human rights , brought and the exceptions .  So the right to property can be removed (confiscation) if there are cases such evasion, the right to participatory democracy can be suspended if there are convictions, the right to life is  repealed , and society turns again into jungle  by applying the death penalty.

So they found a way to control the distribution of wealth and influence, to the point where societies would be weak and reassured, in order ,  they can again remove the human rights.

If the  1%  would eliminate the middle class then they will use humans as slaves.  But not afford to get in front of you 99%.  Thus ,  the middle class is used as a spring to absorb shocks and revolts of the world population.   The worker revolts against his boss , who has before his eyes , not against the impersonal banking system and  unknown mentors on Wall Street and the City of London.  Usableness role of the middle class , but the number of  its  members grew dangerously . SHOULD ,  THEREFORE  ,  BE   REDUSED .

Watch something more dangerous that I see coming:

The immigrants , which , we are now looking for a way to banish them , or at least hide them ,  in a few years we will be begging  them to come (as did the United States , who sometimes accept and sometimes alienate immigrants).  When there will be nobody to work in Greece , will have to enter the workforce.  Where shall we find it?  In Pakistan , Afghanistan , in the Far East and North Africa.  They are going to be used as cheap laborers , industrial , agricultural production and tourism , and the positions of  foremen will be filled by the remaining Greeks.  And the owners and bosses , we know who are going to be .  The betrayal of Greece that ended with the signing of loan agreement and the ratification of the Memorandum 2 , will make owners of the wealth of the country ,  those who lent us many years ,  to bring us DELIBERATELY in this position.

This will not happen only in Greece but also worldwide. See what happens in the U.S. In Europe, even in China. The middle class lost their homes, their jobs, its social benefitsand are constantly shrinking.

Starting from the demographic problem in Greece  (if you look, you will see that the same happens in Europe and the USA , Canada and Australia), i come  into a more major problem: the issue of   WORLD  CONTROL  AND  WEALTH  CONTROL  OF  99%  BY  THE  1%  .

Note 1) Unfortunately I have not read any of the “serious” researchers and journalists toengage with such an issue. Consumed in small things that you remember today andforget tomorrow. Noticeable is the lack of “spiritual” world, which runs out in marches withtea lights (candles) that can be aesthetically flawless, but it is empty. I ask everyone towake up and respond to ALL WAYS.

Note 2)As for the other big  issue , the legality of the decisions ,i will put it a next time.  However, if elections are not made with any excuse, then I invite Greeks now to react and push early.  If the elections are done , I declare that I will not vote at the ballot box but out , on the streets.

DEADLOCKS, that is to say , in a lifestyle that has been pre-decided not to give us no otherway out of the overthrow.

Note 3)If you look at your countrys data , you will see that closely resemble those of Greece .  What is happening in Greece today, you will face  in your country tomorrow .



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