WWFuck you (english version)

There is no greater stupidity of the world event.

We celebrate today the global Earth Hour. A “celebration” established by the WWFaround the world. Turn the lights off for an hour everywhere and so is the economy of natural resources.

We must not forget that the WWF is an NGO funded by subscriptions from the people around the world , but also by States, Unesco and the UN.  The more action seems to take, the greater and the funding it receives. Acting as a good company “discovered” the global Earth Hour and the show with the closed  lights.

There is no greater provocation but from creating a sense of collective responsibility , where there is no problem , to cover the problem itself.

What they tell us?

You pollute, you’re wasting natural resources, you are killing the earth.

If we fall into this trap they have set for us , then we are ALL FUCKED.

We have to answer:

The oil, the mining, the generating companies and the needs that THEY are causing to us , in order to grow their profits, destroy the earth with their policies.

We  suggest to light all the lights tonight to show that the problem is not 99% but 1%.

The only day we recognize as the earth day  is the “Day of the land of Palestine.”




  1. Now that throws some light on the subject … or not as the case may be! … just putting up the Christmas lights!

    • HAHAHAHAHA take a look at the last tweet @MPOUZOUKAKI …your Christmas lights are clobal!!! 😉

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